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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 7, Issue 6, 11 April 2013

Volume 7, Issue 6

11 April 2013

Overcoming passivity violations: closed-loop stability, controller design and controller scheduling
Frequency domain properties of reset systems with multiple reset anticipations
Communication channel sharing-based network-induced delay and packet dropout compensation for networked control systems
Fractional order adaptive controller for stabilised systems via high-gain feedback
A robust non-linear feedback control strategy for a class of bioprocesses
Consensusability of continuous-time multi-agent systems with general linear dynamics and intermittent measurements
Non-fragile H fuzzy filtering for discrete-time non-linear systems
Closed-loop design of fault detection for networked non-linear systems with mixed delays and packet losses
Hybrid adaptive feedforward cancellation against time-varying discrete systems with non-stationary random periodic disturbance
Distributed event-based control strategies for interconnected linear systems
Distributed average filtering for sensor networks with sensor saturation
Quantitative feedback–feedforward control for model matching and disturbance rejection
Robust linear matrix inequality-based model predictive control with recursive estimation of the uncertainty polytope
Robust Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy control design for non-linear networked control systems with asynchronous premise variables

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