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Volume 7, Issue 4, 07 March 2013

Volume 7, Issue 4

07 March 2013

Distributed Kalman filtering: a bibliographic review
Bounded real lemma for positive discrete systems
Exponential synchronisation of hybrid impulsive and switching dynamical networks with time delays
Diagonal stabilisation of a class of single-input discrete-time switched systems
Robust H output feedback control with partly quantised information
Signed directed graph-based hierarchical modelling and fault propagation analysis for large-scale systems
Non-linear generalised minimum variance control using unstable state-dependent multivariable models
Domain of attraction and guaranteed cost control for non-linear quadratic systems. Part 2: controller design
Universal Kriging control of hypersonic aircraft model using predictor model without back-stepping
Multi-stage control strategy for quantised feedback control systems
H state-feedback control of bilateral teleoperation systems with asymmetric time-varying delays
Controlled invariance-based fault detection for multisensory control systems
Distributed thermal aware load balancing for cooling of modular data centres
Output tracking control for a class of switched non-linear systems with partial state constraints
Correction to ‘New controllability condition for siphons in a class of generalised Petri nets’

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