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Volume 7, Issue 3, 14 February 2013

Volume 7, Issue 3

14 February 2013

Delay and data packet dropout separately related stability and state feedback stabilisation of networked control systems
Coordinated target assignment via a finite-time gain measurement approach
Delay-dependent stability analysis for neural networks with additive time-varying delay components
Tracking and rejection of periodic signals for discrete-time linear systems subject to control saturation
Observer-based H control for discrete-time stochastic systems with quantisation and random communication delays
Global stabilisation of large-scale hydraulic networks with quantised and positive proportional controls
Robust control design for automatic regulation of blood pressure
Decentralised adaptive fuzzy control of coordinated multiple mobile manipulators interacting with non-rigid environments
Singular linear parameter-varying observer for composition estimation in a binary distillation column
Performance estimation of two-sliding mode controllers for chatter reduction in linear systems
Robust approach to repetitive controller design for uncertain feedback control systems
Further improvement in stability criteria for linear systems with interval time-varying delay
Set-point regulation of monotone systems using the monotone small-gain theorem
Integrated trade-off design of fault detection system for linear discrete time-varying systems
Feedback control for switched positive linear systems
Iterative learning control for a class of non-linear switched systems

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