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Volume 7, Issue 2, 17 January 2013

Volume 7, Issue 2

17 January 2013

Adaptive robust controls of biped robots
Gradient-based and least-squares-based iterative algorithms for Hammerstein systems using the hierarchical identification principle
Planar path following control for stratospheric airship
Distributed output regulation of switching multi-agent systems subject to input saturation
Flatness-based deposition rate control of thermally evaporated organic semiconductors
A class of adaptive robust state observers with simpler structure for uncertain non-linear systems with time-varying delays
Stabilisation of non-uniformly sampled systems via dynamic output-feedback control
Passivity-based output synchronisation of port-controlled Hamiltonian and general linear interconnected systems
Adaptive fault-tolerant robust control for a linear system with adaptive fault identification
General framework in designing Luenberger-like non-linear observer
Multi-agent iterative learning control with communication topologies dynamically changing in two directions
Linear system control via saturating dynamic actuators global output-reference tracking
Design and implementation of decoupled compensation for a twin rotor multiple-input and multiple-output system
Dwell-time approach to ℒ2-induced gain analysis of discrete-time switched systems subject to actuator saturation
Finite-time stabilisation for Markov jump systems with Gaussian transition probabilities
Global output feedback stabilisation for a class of uncertain non-linear systems
Consensus of fractional-order heterogeneous multi-agent systems
Optimal interconnection design for leader–follower coordination with noise

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