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Volume 7, Issue 15, 17 October 2013

Volume 7, Issue 15

17 October 2013

Constructive robust model predictive control for constrained non-linear systems with disturbances
Behaviour of two-level quantum system driven by non-classical inputs
Adaptive dynamic surface control for cooperative path following of underactuated marine surface vehicles via fast learning
Optimal consensus control of linear multi-agent systems with communication time delay
Eigenvalue assignment in linear descriptor systems via output feedback
Constrained regional control problem for distributed bilinear systems
Distributed mixed continuous-discrete receding horizon filter for multisensory uncertain active suspension systems with measurement delays
Computing an invariance kernel with target by computing Lyapunov-like functions
New result on exponential stability for singular systems with two interval time-varying delays
A decoupled controller design approach for formation control of autonomous underwater vehicles with time delays

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