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Volume 7, Issue 14, 19 September 2013

Volume 7, Issue 14

19 September 2013

Backstepping control of multi-input non-linear systems
Distributed consensus protocols for coordinated control of multiple quadrotors under a directed topology
Fault-tolerant control design for uncertain Takagi–Sugeno systems by trajectory tracking: a descriptor approach
Analytical approach to tuning of model predictive control for first-order plus dead time models
Improved prescribed performance constraint control for a strict feedback non-linear dynamic system
Matrix form of the Bi-CGSTAB method for solving the coupled Sylvester matrix equations
Necessary and sufficient conditions to the transitivity in simultaneous stabilisation of time-varying systems
Robust pole placement for second-order linear systems using velocity-plus-acceleration feedback
Complete synchronisation for two coupled logical systems
Comments on ‘Position-tracking control of underactuated autonomous underwater vehicles in the presence of unknown ocean currents’

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