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Volume 7, Issue 13, 05 September 2013

Volume 7, Issue 13

05 September 2013

Dynamic compensator-based second-order sliding mode controller design for mechanical systems
Finite-time boundedness and stabilisation for a class of non-linear quadratic time-delay systems with disturbances
Formation control of multi-agent systems with stochastic switching topology and time-varying communication delays
Robust stabilisation for a class of stochastic two-dimensional non-linear systems with time-varying delays
Passivity and passification of T–S fuzzy descriptor systems with stochastic perturbation and time delay
Exponential synchronisation of united complex dynamical networks with multi-links via adaptive periodically intermittent control
Global stabilisation of high-order non-linear systems with time-varying delays
Guaranteed cost sampled-data fuzzy control for non-linear systems: a continuous-time Lyapunov approach
New results on stability analysis for neutral stochastic linear system
Adaptive filtering for jump Markov systems with unknown noise covariance

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