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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 7, Issue 11, 18 July 2013

Volume 7, Issue 11

18 July 2013

Reliable dissipative control of discrete-time switched singular systems with mixed time delays and stochastic actuator failures
Robust stability analysis based on finite impulse response scaling for discrete-time linear time-invariant systems
Numerical adaptive learning control scheme for discrete-time non-linear systems
Finite-time cooperative-tracking control for networked Euler–Lagrange systems
Data-driven subspace-based adaptive fault detection for solar power generation systems
Neural networks impedance control of robots interacting with environments
Delay-dependent robust dissipative filtering of stochastic genetic regulatory networks with time-varying delays
Finite-time fault-tolerant control for rigid spacecraft with actuator saturations
Distributed formation control of mobile autonomous agents using relative position measurements
Fault-tolerant control of strict-feedback non-linear time-delay systems with prescribed performance
Finite-time tracking for double-integrator multi-agent systems with bounded control input
Distributed cooperative control for deployment and task allocation of unmanned aerial vehicle networks
Robust attitude control of uncertain quadrotors

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