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Volume 7, Issue 10, 04 July 2013

Volume 7, Issue 10

04 July 2013

Linear dynamic parameter-varying sliding manifold for air–fuel ratio control in lean-burn engines
Sliding mode control for stochastic Markovian jumping systems with incomplete transition rate
Closed-loop subspace identification methods: an overview
Distributed stochastic consensus of multi-agent systems with noisy and delayed measurements
Network-based precise tracking control of systems subject to stochastic failure and non-zero input
Joint estimation and identification for stochastic systems with unknown inputs
Pinning synchronisation in fixed and switching directed networks of Lorenz-type nodes
Robust switched current control of converters
Design of quantised dynamic output feedback for decentralised ℋ control systems
Control for a class of non-linear singularly perturbed systems subject to actuator saturation
Dwell-time computation for stability of switched systems with time delays
Output feedback elliptical orbital rendezvous via state-dependent Riccati differential equations
Global sampled-data output feedback stabilisation of a class of upper-triangular systems with input delay

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