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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 7, Issue 1, 03 January 2013

Volume 7, Issue 1

03 January 2013

State estimation and fault detection and identification for constrained stochastic linear hybrid systems
Consensus and performance optimisation of multi-agent systems with position-only information via impulsive control
Design and experimentation of acceleration-level drift-free scheme aided by two recurrent neural networks
Adaptive boundary control for flexible two-link manipulator based on partial differential equation dynamic model
Dead-time compensation of constrained linear systems with bounded disturbances: output feedback case
Robust stability criterion of fractional-order functions for interval fractional-order systems
Coupled-least-squares identification for multivariable systems
New class of discrete-time models for non-linear systems through discretisation of integration gains
Virtual power plant-based distributed control strategy for multiple distributed generators
Fuzzy logic-based adaptive gravitational search algorithm for optimal tuning of fuzzy-controlled servo systems
Consensus of multi-agent systems with general linear dynamics via dynamic output feedback control
Fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control for non-Gaussian non-linear stochastic systems using a rational square-root approximation model
Delay-dependent robust ℋ filter design for state-delayed discrete-time linear systems via homogeneous polynomial matrices
Adaptive iterative learning control for consensus of multi-agent systems
On necessary conditions and sufficient conditions for controllability of discrete-time bilinear systems
Temporal and one-step stabilisability and detectability of discrete-time linear systems

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