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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 6, Issue 3, 16 February 2012

Volume 6, Issue 3

16 February 2012

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    • Iterative-learning-based torque-ripple compensation in a transverse flux motor
      Covariance control for stochastic uncertain multivariable systems via sliding mode control strategy
      Design of proportional–derivative feedback and input shaping for control of inertia plants
      Eigenvalue assignment for linear time-varying systems with disturbances
      Input constrained non-equilibrium transient trajectory shaping via a three-stage control method for a class of non-linear systems
      Identification of star sensor low-frequency error parameters
      Signal design for the identification of multivariable ill-conditioned systems using virtual transfer function between inputs
      Stochastic control of computer networks
      Impact of the actuator failures on the structural controllability of linear systems: a graph theoretical approach
      Haptic transmission by weighting control under time-varying communication delay
      Exponential-weighted input-to-state stability of hybrid impulsive switched systems
    • Observer-based controller design for linear systems with limited communication capacity via a descriptor augmentation method
      Improved delay-dependent stabilisation criteria for discrete systems with a new finite sum inequality
      Dynamic compound shape control of robot swarm
      Sliding mode tracking control of an underactuated surface vessel
      Adaptive control of non-linearly parameterised pure-feedback systems

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