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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 6, Issue 2, 19 January 2012

Volume 6, Issue 2

19 January 2012

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    • Stabilising control of multi-machine power systems with transmission losses based on pseudo-generalised Hamiltonian theory
      Tracking control with adaption of kites
      Global decentralised static output feedback sliding-mode control for interconnected time-delay systems
      Non-linear control of an uncertain hypersonic aircraft model using robust sum-of-squares method
      Output feedback tracking control of uncertain non-holonomic wheeled mobile robots: a dynamic surface control approach
      Observer-based robust control of a (1≤a<2) fractional-order uncertain systems: a linear matrix inequality approach
      Non-linear sliding surface: towards high performance robust control
      Estimation of kinetic rates in a baker's yeast fed-batch bioprocess by using non-linear observers
      Optimal robust fault-detection filter for micro-electro-mechanical system-based inertial navigation system/global positioning system
      Bounded-error uncertainty domain description for continuous-time state-space model
      Adaptive actuator failure accommodation for linear systems with parameter uncertainties
      Stability analysis and stabilisation of full-envelope networked flight control systems: switched system approach
      Parameterisation of stabilising controllers with precompensators

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