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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 6, Issue 17, 15 November 2012

Volume 6, Issue 17

15 November 2012

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    • State-feedback stabilisation for stochastic non-holonomic systems with time-varying delays
      Stability and stabilisation of Markovian jump systems with time-varying delay: an input–output approach
      Domain of attraction and guaranteed cost control for non-linear quadratic systems. Part 1. Analysis
      Fuzzy approximation-based indirect adaptive controller for multi-input multi-output non-affine systems with unknown control direction
      Real-time control of human coagulation
      Adaptive fuzzy control for non-linear dynamical systems based on differential flatness theory
      Dynamic observer-based robust control and fault detection for linear systems
      Robust non-linear control design to an ionic polymer metal composite with hysteresis using operator-based approach
      Robust stability and stabilisation of discrete-time descriptor systems with uncertainties in the difference matrix
      Quantised H control for sampled fuzzy systems
      Combined of vector field and linear quadratic Gaussian for the path following of a small unmanned helicopter
      Fuzzy adaptive fault-tolerant output feedback control of multi-input and multi-output non-linear systems in strict-feedback form
      Stability and l2-gain analysis for a class of discrete-time non-linear Markovian jump systems with actuator saturation and incomplete knowledge of transition probabilities

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