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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 6, Issue 14, 20 September 2012

Volume 6, Issue 14

20 September 2012

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    • Adaptive second-order sliding mode controller for a twin rotor multi-input–multi-output system
      Evaluation of adaptive passivity-based controller for power factor correction using a boost converter
      New hybrid adaptive control approach for aircraft with centre of gravity variation
      Application of quantitative feedback theory techniques for the control of a non-holonomic underactuated hovercraft
      Robust fault-tolerant control against time-varying actuator faults and saturation
      PD controller synthesis from open-loop response measurements of rotating system
      Modified optimal control with a backpropagation network for robotic arms
      Analysis of gyro noise in non-linear attitude estimation using a single vector measurement
      Simultaneous estimation of road friction and sideslip angle based on switched multiple non-linear observers
      Design of robust control Lyapunov function for non-linear affine systems with uncertainty
      Real-time estimation of tyre–road friction peak with optimal linear parameterisation
      An extension of the linear quadratic Gaussian-loop transfer recovery procedure
      Inversion-based robust feedforward–feedback two-degree-of-freedom control approach for multi-input multi-output systems with uncertainty
      Detection and adaptive accommodation for actuator faults of a class of non-linear systems
      Reliable H filtering for discrete-time singular systems with randomly occurring delays and sensor failures
      New analysis and synthesis conditions for continuous Markov jump linear systems with partly known transition probabilities
      Global finite-time stabilisation using bounded feedback for a class of non-linear systems

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