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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 6, Issue 13, 6 September 2012

Volume 6, Issue 13

6 September 2012

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    • Combined optimal pulse width modulation and pulse frequency modulation strategy for controlling switched mode DC–DC converters over a wide range of loads
      PID controller adjustment using chaotic optimisation algorithm for multi-area load frequency control
      Robust H control in nano-positioning
      Adaptive leader-following consensus control of multi-agent systems using model reference adaptive control approach
      Decentralised adaptive output feedback synchronisation tracking control of spacecraft formation flying with time-varying delay
      Block backstepping controllers design for a class of perturbed non-linear systems with m blocks
      Output-feedback quantised control of decentralised systems
      Global H consensus of multi-agent systems with Lipschitz non-linear dynamics
      Tolerance of intermittent faults in spacecraft attitude control: switched system approach
      Stabilisation for a class of non-linear uncertain systems based on interval observers
      Approximate dynamic programming for continuous-time linear quadratic regulator problems: relaxation of known input-coupling matrix assumption
      Estimating the stability domain of spacecraft attitude with delayed feedback
      Non-linear decoupling control of vehicle plane motion
      Control of linear discrete-time systems by quantised feedback
      Task priority approach to the coordinated control of a team of flying vehicles in the presence of obstacles
      Solving periodic Lyapunov matrix equations via finite steps iteration
      Observer-based partial differential equation boundary control for a flexible two-link manipulator in task space

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