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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 6, Issue 11, 19 July 2012

Volume 6, Issue 11

19 July 2012

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    • Local stabilisation of uncertain linear time-invariant plant with bounded control inputs: parametric H loop-shaping approach
      Quadratic L2-gain performance linear parameter-varying realisation of parametric transfer functions and state-feedback gain scheduling control
      Stochastic consensus in directed networks of agents with non-linear dynamics and repairable actuator failures
      General control-theoretical framework for online resource allocation in computing systems
      Stabilisation of discrete-time switched positive linear systems via time- and state-dependent switching laws
      Robust assessment for the design of multi-loop proportional integrative derivative autopilot
      Modular robust reconfigurable flight control system design for an overactuated aircraft
      Power factor correction and harmonic compensation using second-order odd-harmonic repetitive control
      Fuzzy control of non-linear systems using parameter-dependent polynomial fuzzy model
      Improved resilient feedback stabilisation method for uncertain systems
      Localising odour source using multi-robot and anemotaxis-based particle swarm optimisation
      Needle dynamics modelling and control in prostate brachytherapy
      Fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control of input/output asynchronous sequential machines
      Optimal tracking performance of networked control systems with channel input power constraint
      Wavelet-based adaptive sliding-mode control with H tracking performance for pneumatic servo system position tracking control
      Nash equilibrium of time-delay interaction complex networks subject to persistent disturbances
      Wind turbine control with constraint handling: a model predictive control approach

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