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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 5, Issue 2, 20 January 2011

Volume 5, Issue 2

20 January 2011

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    • Robust stability for discrete-time uncertain singular Markov jump systems with actuator saturation
      Simultaneous closed-loop automatic tuning method for cascade controllers
      Robust fault-tolerant control for spacecraft attitude stabilisation subject to input saturation
      State feedback integral control of networked control systems with external disturbance
      Path programming control strategy of quantum state transfer
      Mixed ℋ2/ℋ approach to fault-tolerant controller design for Lipschitz non-linear systems
      Synchronisation of chaotic systems via reduced observers
      Differential stability and design of reduced-order observers for non-linear systems
      Optimal state-feedback design for non-linear feedback-linearisable systems
      Essential instability and essential destabilisation of linear stochastic systems
      Plant input-mapping-based predictive control of systems through band-limited networks
      Design of a robust position feedback tracking controller for flexible-joint robots
      Non-linear and adaptive control of a refrigeration system
      Iterative learning control: quantifying the effect of output noise
    • Periodic formations of multivehicle systems
      Continuous-time controlled Markov chains with safety upper bound
      Swarm stability of high-order linear time-invariant swarm systems
      State-feedback gain design for a class of relay control systems

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