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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 5, Issue 18, 8 December 2011

Volume 5, Issue 18

8 December 2011

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    • Non-linear disturbance observer-based robust control for systems with mismatched disturbances/uncertainties
      Disturbance observer-based control of non-linear haptic teleoperation systems
      Model-based fault monitoring of a plastic film extrusion process
      Convergence analysis for multiple agents with double-integrator dynamics in a sampled-data setting
      Finite-time consensus for multi-agent systems via terminal feedback iterative learning
      Robot based on task-space dynamical model
      Friction and uncertainty compensation of robot manipulator using optimal recurrent cerebellar model articulation controller and elasto-plastic friction observer
      Gain-scheduled Smith proportional–integral derivative controllers for linear parameter varying first-order plus time-varying delay systems
      Lateral directional fractional order (PI)α control of a small fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles: controller designs and flight tests
      Robust adaptive control using multiple models, switching and tuning
      Improvement on the problem of optimal fuzzy H-tracking control design for non-linear systems
    • Delay-range-dependent ℋ filtering for two-dimensional Markovian jump systems with interval delays

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