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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 5, Issue 1, 6 January 2011

Volume 5, Issue 1

6 January 2011

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    • Delay-dependent L2L filter design for stochastic time-delay systems
      Simultaneous H control for continuous-time descriptor systems
      Dynamic consensus of linear multi-agent systems
      Stability analysis of digital repetitive control systems under time-varying sampling period
      New method of fault-distribution-dependent memory-reliable controller design for discrete-time systems with stochastic input delays
      Stability of networked control systems with packet dropout: an average dwell time approach
      Observer for discrete-time Lipschitz non-linear systems with delayed output
      Minimum communication cost consensus in multi-agent systems with Markov chain patterns
      Fault detection and diagnosis based on parameter set estimation
      Design of balanced proportional–integral–derivative controllers based on bilevel optimisation
      Back-stepping sliding mode control for missile systems based on an extended state observer
      Hybrid impulsive control for switched singular systems
      Disturbance attenuation control of active suspension with non-linear actuator dynamics
      Estimation of free flow speed and critical density in a segmented freeway using missing data and Monte Carlo-based expectation maximisation algorithm
      control strategy of motor torque ripple in hybrid electric vehicles: an experimental study
      Distributed adaptive consensus algorithm for networked Euler–Lagrange systems
      Unified control for Pendubot at four equilibrium points
      Time-constant robust analysis of a fractional order [proportional derivative] controller
      Observer-based fault diagnosis for a class of non-linear multiple input multiple output uncertain stochastic systems using B-spline expansions
      Multimodel-based techniques for the identification and adaptive control of delayed multi-input multi-output systems
      Universal predictive Kalman filter-based fault estimator and tracker for sampled-data non-linear time-varying systems

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