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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 4, Issue 9, September 2010

Volume 4, Issue 9

September 2010

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    • Comparative analysis of two non-linear observers for estimation of tyre/road contact in the presence of imperfect measurements
      Field-programmable gate array-based intelligent dynamic sliding-mode control using recurrent wavelet neural network for linear ultrasonic motor
      Adaptive law with a new leakage term
      Neural-network-based simple adaptive control of uncertain multi-input multi-output non-linear systems
      Stabilisation for a class of non-linear systems with uncertain parameter based on centre manifold
      Cooperative control of underactuated surface vessels
      Piece-wise linear functions-based model predictive control of large-scale sewage systems
      Guaranteed cost decoupling control of bank-to-turn vehicle
      Global asymptotic tracking of robot manipulators with a simple decentralised non-linear PD-like controller
      Stabilisability and detectability in networked control
      Sensors-less neural maximum power point tracking control of induction machines wind generators by growing neural gas and minor component analysis EXIN + reduced order observer
      Theory and experiments of global adaptive output feedback tracking control of manipulators
      Design of robust adaptive variable structure tracking controllers with application to rigid robot manipulators
      Fuzzy constrained predictive control of non-linear systems with packet dropouts
      On the closed-form model for state covariance assignment problem
      Robust H control and uniformly bounded control for genetic regulatory network with stochastic disturbance
      Sensor fault-tolerant vector control of induction motors
      Model based on the reinitialised partial moments for initialising output-error identification methods
      Switching-based emergency braking control for an overhead crane system
      Simple disturbance observer for disturbance compensation
      Model predictive control relevant identification: multiple input multiple output against multiple input single output
      Finite-time stability of linear systems: an approach based on polyhedral Lyapunov functions
      Adaptive robust control of uncertain dynamical systems with multiple time-varying delays
      Finite-horizon discrete-time robust guaranteed cost state estimation for non-linear stochastic uncertain systems
      Hybrid passivity and finite gain stability theorem: stability and control of systems possessing passivity violations
      Robustness analysis for a class of linear neutral systems in a critical case

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