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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 4, Issue 8, August 2010

Volume 4, Issue 8

August 2010

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    • Kalman filtering with state constraints: a survey of linear and nonlinear algorithms
      Performance bounds on the control of highly sparse discrete-time multivariable systems
      Bounded control of network connectivity in multi-agent systems
      Quantised H filtering for networked systems with random sensor packet losses
      Analysis and observer design for the Bullard and Rikitake dynamos
      Simultaneous optimisation of the low-pass filter and state-feedback controller in a robust repetitive-control system
      Robust model predictive controller with output feedback and target tracking
      Optimal estimation for systems with time-varying delay
      Robust variance control for a class of uncertain neutral delay systems
      Concept and Takagi–Sugeno descriptor tracking controller design of a closed muscular chain lower-limb rehabilitation device
      Feedforward model predictive control of a non-linear solar collector plant with varying delays
      Fault-tolerant control scheme for satellite attitude control system
      Fault tolerant flight control: from theory to piloted flight simulator experiments
      Discrete-time neuroadaptive control using dynamic state feedback with application to vehicle motion control for intelligent vehicle highway systems
    • Reliable control for networked control systems with probabilistic sensors and actuators faults
      Adaptive formation tracking control of electrically driven multiple mobile robots

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