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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 4, Issue 7, July 2010

Volume 4, Issue 7

July 2010

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    • New study of controller design for networked control systems
      Delay-dependent robust H control of time-delay systems
      Sampled-data fuzzy-model-based control systems: stability analysis with consideration of analogue-to-digital converter and digital-to-analogue converter
      Network-based predictive control of multirate systems
      NARX model selection based on simulation error minimisation and LASSO
      Robust transfer function identification via an enhanced magnitude vector fitting algorithm
      Stability and instability conditions using polyhedral Lyapunov functions
      Belief propagation as a dynamical system: the linear case and open problems
      Switched affine systems control design with application to DC–DC converters
      Linear matrix inequality approach to static output-feedback stabilisation of discrete-time networked control systems
      Non-linear robust filter design for satellite attitude determination
      Smooth time-varying pure feedback control for chained non-holonomic systems with exponential convergent rate
      Numerical solution to linear matrix equation by finite steps iteration
      Sliding-mode adaptive attitude controller design for spacecrafts with thrusters
      Robust control for high-speed crafts using QFT and eigenstructure assignment

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