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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 4, Issue 6, June 2010

Volume 4, Issue 6

June 2010

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    • Adaptive control allocation for non-linear systems with internal dynamics
      Fault detection for linear uncertain systems with sensor faults
      Robust mode delay-dependent ℋ control of discrete-time systems with random communication delays
      Consensus of multiple dynamic agents with sampled information
      Tracking control for angular-rate-sensorless vertical take-off and landing aircraft in the presence of angular-position measurement delay
      Identification of non-uniformly sampled multirate systems with application to process data compression
      Recursive triangulation description of the feasible parameter set for bounded-noise models
      Comparative study of stabilising methods for adaptive speed sensorless full-order observers with stator resistance estimation
      Contraction theory-based recursive design of stabilising controller for a class of non-linear systems
      Robust adaptive vibration tracking control for a micro-electro-mechanical systems vibratory gyroscope with bound estimation
      String formations of multiple vehicles via pursuit strategy
      Asymptotic rejection of unknown sinusoidal disturbances in non-linear dynamic systems with delay
      Fault diagnosis for networked control systems with delayed measurements and inputs
      Robust adaptive sliding-mode fault-tolerant control with L2-gain performance for flexible spacecraft using redundant reaction wheels
      Linear matrix inequality-based repetitive controller design for linear systems with time-varying input delay
      Adaptive fuzzy-neural-network velocity sensorless control for robot manipulator position tracking

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