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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 4, Issue 3, March 2010

Volume 4, Issue 3

March 2010

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    • Computing estimates of the region of attraction for rational control systems with saturating actuators
      Implementation of sliding mode controller for linear synchronous motors based on direct thrust control theory
      Moving horizon state estimation for linear discrete-time singular systems
      Estimating the stability region of singular perturbation power systems with saturation nonlinearities: an linear matrix inequality-based method
      Gain-scheduled ℋ2 and ℋ control of discrete-time polytopic time-varying systems
      H∞∞ static output feedback control for discrete-time switched linear systems with average dwell time
      State covariance assignment problem
      Self-liveness of a class of Petri net models for flexible manufacturing systems
      Polynomial approach to non-linear predictive generalised minimum variance control
      Proportional-integral-derivative λ-tuning for integrating processes with deadtime
      Stable chaos synchronisation scheme for non-linear uncertain systems
      New insight into internal model control filter design for load disturbance rejection
      Linear matrix inequality-based novel stability criteria of the primal-dual algorithm with heterogeneous communication delays
      Robust terminal area energy management guidance using flatness approach
      Robust H consensus analysis of a class of second-order multi-agent systems with uncertainty
      H model reduction of linear continuous-time systems over finite-frequency interval
      Design of reduced-order 2– filter design for singular discrete-time systems using strict linear matrix inequalities

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