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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2010

Volume 4, Issue 1

January 2010

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    • Robust finite-time control approach for robotic manipulators
      Stabilisation and H control of a class of non-linear Hamiltonian descriptor systems with application to non-linear descriptor systems
      Adaptive control of systems with mismatched non-linearities and time-varying delays using state measurements
      Efficient real-time model predictive control of the drive system with elastic transmission
      Robust ℋ networked control for systems with uncertain sampling rates
      Method for designing PIλDμ stabilisers for minimum-phase fractional-order systems
      Global stabilisation and tracking control of underactuated surface vessels
      Robust H∞∞ dynamic output feedback control for linear time-varying uncertain systems via switching-type controllers
      Robust fault detection for continuous-time switched delay systems: an linear matrix inequality approach
      Consensus control for multi-agent systems with double-integrator dynamics and time delays
      Speed synchronisation of multiple induction motors with adjacent cross-coupling control
      Practical motion planning for car-parking control in narrow environment
      Unified bound on the order of controllers using matrix pencil characterisation
      Reduced-order H filtering for discrete-time singular systems with lossy measurements
      Design of stochastic switching controller of networked control systems based on greedy algorithm

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