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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 4, Issue 12, December 2010

Volume 4, Issue 12

December 2010

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    • Quantum control theory and applications: a survey
      Global adaptive estimation of joint velocities in robotic manipulators
      ‘Staircase phenomenon’ in delay-independently stable networked control system's dynamic response
      Adaptive model selection for polynomial NARX models
      Learning control for time-delay systems with iteration-varying uncertainty: a Smith predictor-based approach
      Model matching control of multiple-input-delay systems
      Adaptive position and trajectory control of autonomous mobile robot systems with random friction
      H filtering for non-linear stochastic Markovian jump systems
      Observer-based fuzzy adaptive control for non-linear time-varying delay systems with unknown control direction
      Design of stable fuzzy controller for non-linear systems subject to imperfect premise matching based on grid-point approach
      Estimation strategies for fault isolation of linear systems with disturbances
      Robust proportional–integral–derivative controller design for an electrostatic micro-actuator with measurement uncertainties
      Convex Voronoi-inspired space partitioning for heterogeneous networks: a coverage-oriented approach
      Equivalent techniques, extra comparisons and less conservative control design for Takagi–Sugeno (TS) fuzzy systems
      Iterative design of structured uncertainty models and robust controllers based on closed-loop data
      Robust attitude control of helicopters with actuator dynamics using neural networks
      Parametric approach to the decoupling of linear distributed-parameter systems
      General mixed integer programming-based liveness test for system of sequential systems with shared resources nets
      Hybrid fault detection and isolation strategy for non-linear systems in the presence of large environmental disturbances
      Robust model predictive control for networked control systems with quantisation
      Set membership approximations of predictive control laws: the tradeoff between accuracy and complexity
      Robust energy-to-peak filtering for networked systems with time-varying delays and randomly missing data
      New stabilisation schemes for discrete delay systems with uncertain non-linear perturbations
      Non-linear robust adaptive excitation controller design in power systems based on a new back-stepping method
      Robustness analysis of attitude and orbit control systems for flexible satellites
      Speed control of a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a torque observer: a fuzzy approach
    • Intelligent scheduling and optimisation for resource-constrained networks
      Improved exponential stability criteria and stabilisation of T-S model-based neutral systems
      Robust fault-tolerant control of networked control systems with stochastic actuator failure
      Output-feedback adaptive dynamic surface control of stochastic non-linear systems using neural network
      Stability analysis of interconnected time-delay systems in a generalised framework

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