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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 4, Issue 11, November 2010

Volume 4, Issue 11

November 2010

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    • Improved sliding mode control for discrete-time systems via reaching law
      Quantised robust ℋ output feedback control of discrete-time systems with random communication delays
      Using a Kalman filter and a Padé approximation to estimate random time delays in a networked feedback control system
      New approach to H control for Markovian jump singular systems
      Chaotic synchronisation using output/full state-feedback polynomial controller
      Studies on linear matrix inequality relaxations for fuzzy control systems via homogeneous polynomials
      H fault detection for linear discrete time-varying systems with delayed state
      Piecewise affine model-based H static output feedback control of constrained non-linear processes
      Feedback process scheduling with simple discrete-time control structures
      Trajectory tracking control design with command-filtered compensation for a quadrotor
      Motion control of mobile under-actuated manipulators by implicit function using support vector machines
      Position-tracking control of underactuated autonomous underwater vehicles in the presence of unknown ocean currents
      Isomorphism-based robust right coprime factorisation of non-linear unstable plants with perturbations
      Repetitive controller for time-delay systems based on disturbance observer
      Global exponential stability criteria for neural networks with probabilistic delays
      Agreement over noisy networks
      Design of robust optimal proportional–integral–derivative controller based on new interval polynomial stability criterion and Lyapunov theorem in the multiple parameters' perturbations circumstance
      Decentralised stabilisation of a class of large-scale high-order stochastic non-linear systems
      Corrective control of asynchronous machines with uncontrollable inputs: application to single-event-upset error counters
      Global asymptotic stability of a class of complex networks via decentralised static output feedback control
      Tracking under additive white Gaussian noise effect
      2-Sliding active and reactive power control of a wind energy conversion system
      H design of rotor flux-oriented current-controlled induction motor drives: speed control, noise attenuation and stability robustness
      Reconfigurable system for real-time embedded control applications
      Adaptive sliding control with self-tuning fuzzy compensation for a piezoelectrically actuated XY table
      Latent space transformation based on principal component analysis for adaptive fault detection
      Redundant adaptive robust tracking of active satellite and error evaluation
      Passive control for continuous singular systems with non-linear perturbations
      Non-linear dual-mode receding horizon control for multiple unmanned air vehicles formation flight based on chaotic particle swarm optimisation
      Co-ordinated collective motion patterns in a discrete-time setting with experiments
      Stability analysis of linear time-delay differential inclusion systems subject to input saturation

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