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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 4, Issue 10, October 2010

Volume 4, Issue 10

October 2010

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    • Stabilisation and performance synthesis for switched stochastic systems
      New controller design method for continuous-time systems with state saturation
      Path following of a class of non-holonomic mobile robot with underactuated vehicle body
      Adaptive stabilisation for a class of non-linear state time-varying delay systems with unknown time-delay bound
      Closed-form solution to the non-homogeneous generalised Sylvester matrix equation
      Model predictive control of non-linear discrete time systems: a linear matrix inequality approach
      Robustness in fractional proportional–integral–derivative-based closed-loop systems
      Adaptive optimisation of timeout policy for dynamic power management based on semi-Markov control processes
      Delay-dependent robust stability and stabilisation of uncertain two-dimensional discrete systems with time-varying delays
      Decentralised ℒ1 adaptive control for large-scale non-linear systems with interconnected unmodelled dynamics
      Sensorless induction motor adaptive observer-backstepping controller: experimental robustness tests on low frequencies benchmark
      H stabilisation of non-linear stochastic active fault-tolerant control systems: fuzzy-interpolation approach
      Stability analysis of genetic regulatory network with time delays and parameter uncertainties
      Optimal design and testing of a digital dual-stage actuator servo system
      State-feedback with memory for controlled positivity with application to congestion control
      Passivity-based control of a wound-rotor synchronous motor
      Tracking control of pneumatic artificial muscle actuators based on sliding mode and non-linear disturbance observer
      Discrete time integral sliding mode control for overhead crane with uncertainties
      Discretisation of linear parameter-varying state-space representations
      Robust stability testing function and Kharitonov-like theorem for fractional order interval systems
      Adaptive tracking control for a class of wheeled mobile robots with unknown skidding and slipping
      Stabilisation of time-delay switched systems with constrained switching signals and its applications in networked control systems
      Motion synchronisation of bilateral teleoperation systems with mode-dependent time-varying communication delays
      Effect of the order of parameterisation in gradient learning for kernel methods

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