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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2009

Volume 3, Issue 6

June 2009

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    • Traffic network hybrid feedback controller via 0-1 classification of PWARX system with hierarchy
      Robust adaptive control of a class of nonlinearly parameterised time-varying uncertain systems
      Memory state feedback controller design for singular systems with multiple internal constant point delays
      Active fault-tolerant fuzzy control design of nonlinear model tracking with application to chaotic systems
      Computing the controllability radius: a semi-definite programming approach
      H-filtering and state feedback control for discrete-time switched descriptor systems
      Automated manufacturing system: virtual-nets or non-virtual-nets?
      Adaptive tracking control of high-order non-holonomic mobile robot systems
      A Stein matrix equation approach for computing coprime matrix fraction description
      Computed torque control-based composite nonlinear feedback controller for robot manipulators with bounded torques
      Optimal real-time collision-free motion planning for autonomous underwater vehicles in a 3D underwater space
      Robustness analysis of input shaping commands for two-mode flexible systems
      Delay-dependent robust H control for uncertain singular systems with multiple state delays
      Global robust stability of interval delayed neural networks
      Stability analysis of T–S fuzzy control systems using parameter-dependent Lyapunov function
      Average dwell-time approach to ℒ2 gain control synthesis of switched linear systems with time delay in detection of switching signal
      Application of absolute stability theory to robust control against loss of actuator effectiveness

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