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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 3, Issue 4, April 2009

Volume 3, Issue 4

April 2009

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    • Risk-sensitive formulation of unscented Kalman filter
      A delay-partitioning projection approach to stability analysis of continuous systems with multiple delay components
      Structural conditions of systems of simple sequential processes with resources nets without weakly dependent siphons
      Stabilisability of switched linear systems with time-varying delay in the detection of switching signals
      Feedforward control based on neural networks for disturbance rejection in hard disk drives
      Nonlinear sliding-mode control of a multi-motor web-winding system without tension sensor
      Design of self-tuning fuzzy logic controller for the control of an unknown industrial process
      Nonlinear optimal and robust speed control for a light-weighted all-electric vehicle
      Stabilisation of nonlinear systems using weighted angular method
      Stabilisation and altitude tracking of a four-rotor microhelicopter using the lifting operators
      A geometrical formulation of the μ-lower bound problem
      Robust discrete-time deflection-limiting commands for flexible systems
      Path planning for satellite slew manoeuvres: a combined flatness and collocation-based approach

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