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Volume 14, Issue 9, 11 June 2020

Volume 14, Issue 9

11 June 2020

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    • Distributed regular polygon formation control and obstacle avoidance for non-holonomic wheeled mobile robots with directed communication topology
      Robust model reference tracking control for interval type-2 fuzzy stochastic systems
      Membership-dependent stability analysis of discrete-time positive polynomial fuzzy-model-based control systems with time delay
      Fixed-time observer based adaptive neural network time-varying formation tracking control for multi-agent systems via minimal learning parameter approach
      Stabilisation of networked control systems under a novel stochastic-sampling-based adaptive event-triggered scheme
      Distributed algorithm for a finite time horizon resource allocation over a directed network
      Observer-based stability of switched system under jamming attack and random packet loss
      Adaptive tracking control for a class of stochastic non-linear systems with input saturation constraint using multi-dimensional Taylor network
      Distributed non-linear robust consensus-based sensor calibration for networked control systems
      Event\self-triggered leader-following consensus of multi-agent systems with general dynamics
      H filtering of networked switched systems with multiple packet dropouts via switched Lyapunov function approach

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