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Volume 14, Issue 18, 17 December 2020

Volume 14, Issue 18

17 December 2020

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    • Non-fragile multi-objective linear parameter-varying controller design for vehicle lateral stability
      Event-triggered synchronisation of Markovian reaction–diffusion inertial neural networks and its application in image encryption
      Model predictive control for integrated longitudinal and lateral stability of electric vehicles with in-wheel motors
      Reference-free approach for mitigating human–machine conflicts in shared control of automated vehicles
      Sub-optimal recursively feasible Linear Parameter-Varying predictive algorithm for semi-active suspension control
    • Scaled consensus for coupled harmonic oscillators via sampled position data
      Guaranteed cost sliding mode control of Markovian jump Lur'e systems under Round-Robin protocol
      Robust H filtering for 2D systems with RON under the stochastic communication protocol
      0 < α < 1 case " >Positive real lemmas for singular fractional-order systems: the case
      Optimal I-PD controller design for setpoint tracking of integrating processes with time delay
      Determination of vertex polynomials to analyse robust stability of control systems with interval parameters
      Directional expansion-based fault diagnosis algorithm using orthotopic and ellipsoidal filtering
      Tracking and disturbance attenuation control for stochastic switched systems with input delay
      Dynamic output feedback controller design for interval type-2 T–S fuzzy fractional order systems
      Finite-time functional interval observer for linear systems with uncertainties
      Robust stability of moving horizon estimation for non-linear systems with bounded disturbances using adaptive arrival cost
      Design and implementation of an LCL grid-connected inverter based on capacitive current fractional proportional–integral feedback strategy
      Stability of conformable linear differential systems: a behavioural framework with applications in fractional-order control
      Set reachability of Markovian jump Boolean networks and its applications
      Wind profile disturbance isolation and attenuation through an UIO–LPV approach in PMSG-based wind turbines
      Delayed state feedback predictive control of uncertain nonlinear discrete-time switched systems with input constraint and state delays
      Switching formation strategy with the directed dynamic topology for collision avoidance of a multi-robot system in uncertain environments
      Optimal fractional-order controller design using direct synthesis method
      Distributed optimisation approach to least-squares solution of Sylvester equations
      Distributed finite-time optimisation algorithm for second-order multi-agent systems subject to mismatched disturbances

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