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Volume 14, Issue 16, 05 November 2020

Volume 14, Issue 16

05 November 2020

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    • Adaptive non-singular fast terminal sliding mode control for multi-agent systems with unknown non-linear dynamics
      Separation principle of quasi-one-sided Lipschitz non-linear systems
      Stability-guaranteed dynamic ElGamal cryptosystem for encrypted control systems
      Exponential stability analysis and model reduction for spatially interconnected discrete-time systems with time-varying delay
      Resilient dynamic event-triggered control for multi-area power systems with renewable energy penetration under DoS attacks
      Switching stabilising control of VSC-HVDC transmission systems
      Asynchronous passive dynamic event-triggered controller design for singular Markov jump systems with general transition rates under stochastic cyber-attacks
      Semi-global containment of discrete-time high-order multi-agent systems with input saturation via intermittent control
      Orthotopic-filtering-based hierarchical fault diagnosis algorithm for linear recursive models
      H control for one-sided Lipschitz singular systems with uncertainties " >Robust observer-based finite-time control for one-sided Lipschitz singular systems with uncertainties
      Fast hybrid dual mode NMPC for a parallel double inverted pendulum with experimental validation
      Disturbance decoupling control design for Boolean control networks: a Boolean algebra approach
      Bounded decoupling control for flexible-joint robot manipulators with state estimation
      Finite-time super twisting sliding mode controller based on higher-order sliding mode observer for real-time trajectory tracking of a quadrotor
      Robust output-regulation for uncertain linear systems with input saturation
      Fixed-time event-triggered consensus of second-order multi-agent systems with fully continuous communication free
      Constrained robust model predictive control embedded with a new data-driven technique
      Event-triggered estimation and model predictive control for linear systems with actuator fault
      Design of funnel function-based discrete-time sliding mode control
      Full state constraints control of switched complex networks based on time-varying barrier Lyapunov functions
      Event-triggered scheme for fault detection and isolation of non-linear system with time-varying delay

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