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Volume 14, Issue 13, 03 September 2020

Volume 14, Issue 13

03 September 2020

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    • Non-fragile set-membership estimation for sensor-saturated memristive neural networks via weighted try-once-discard protocol
      Discrete-time adaptive control of uncertain sampled-data systems with uncertain input delay: a reduction
      Node-to-node bipartite consensus of multi-agent systems with disturbances
      Revisiting the simplified IMC tuning rules for low-order controllers: Novel 2DoF feedback controller
      Event-triggered stabilisation for switched delayed differential systems: the input-to-state stability
      Predictive sliding-mode congestion control for wireless access networks with singular and non-singular control gain
      Distributed multi-agent optimisation via coordination with second-order nearest neighbours
      Command filtered finite-time formation tracking control of AUVs with unknown control directions
      Robust set-membership state estimator against outliers in data
      Analysis of optimal performance of MIMO networked control systems with encoding and packet dropout constraints
      Integrated fault-tolerant control system design based on continuous model predictive control for longitudinal manoeuvre of hypersonic vehicle with actuator faults
      Iterative learning control for semi-linear distributed parameter systems based on sensor–actuator networks
      HMM-based filtering for slow-sampling singularly perturbed jumping systems
      Robust model predictive control based on recurrent multi-dimensional Taylor network for discrete-time non-linear time-delay systems

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