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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 14, Issue 11, 23 July 2020

Volume 14, Issue 11

23 July 2020

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    • Generalised formulations for minimum distance trajectory in patrolling problems
      Observer and fault-tolerant controller design for discrete-time multiple state-delayed T–S fuzzy systems
      Hybrid extended-cubature Kalman filters for non-linear continuous-time fractional-order systems involving uncorrelated and correlated noises using fractional-order average derivative
      Stabilisation of switched linear systems under denial of service
      Static corrective control with model matching indicator and its application to payload data managers
      Sensor attack detection for cyber-physical systems based on frequency domain partition
      Periodic event-triggered control of flywheel energy storage matrix systems for wind farms
      Stability analysis of linear systems with time-varying delay via a quadratic function negative-definiteness determination method
      Event-triggered leader-following consensus for multi-agent systems with external disturbances under fixed and switching topologies
      Synchronisation for multi-network with two types of inter-network coupling faults: pinning control effects
      Practical model-free robust estimation and control design for an underwater soft IPMC actuator
      Nie–Tan fuzzy method of fault-tolerant wind energy conversion systems via sampled-data control
      Multi-rate sampled-data control of switched affine systems
    • Optimal guidance strategy for the defense of a non-manoeuvrable target in 3-dimensions

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