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Volume 14, Issue 10, 02 July 2020

Volume 14, Issue 10

02 July 2020

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    • H filtering for multi-rate multi-sensor systems with randomly occurring sensor saturations under the p-persistent CSMA protocol
      Finite-time bounded stabilisation for linear systems with finite-time H 2-gain constraint
      Hierarchical multi-innovation generalised extended stochastic gradient methods for multivariable equation-error autoregressive moving average systems
      Parametric control to a type of descriptor quasi-linear systems based on dynamic compensator and multi-objective optimisation
      Optimal control and stabilisation for large-scale systems with imposed constraints
      Adaptive quantised control of uncertain non-linear systems with state constraints and time-varying delays
      Stabilisation of event-triggered-based neural network control system and its application to wind power generation systems
      Robust delay-dependent LPV synthesis for blood pressure control with real-time Bayesian parameter estimation
      Robust stabilisation for a class of stochastic T–S fuzzy descriptor systems via dynamic sliding-mode control
      Kalman rank criterion for the controllability of fractional impulse controlled systems
      Input-to-state stability-based adaptive control for spacecraft fly-around with input saturation
      Robust control for master–slave manipulator system avoiding obstacle collision under restricted working space
    • Family of controllers based on sector non-linear functions: an application for first-order dynamical systems
      Distributed formation control of the special Euclidean group SE(2) via global orientation control

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