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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 13, Issue 5, 26 March 2019

Volume 13, Issue 5

26 March 2019

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    • Sampled-data leader–follower algorithm for flocking of multi-agent systems
      New alternative convex conditions on exponential stability and stabilisation of switched positive linear systems with dwell time
      Hybrid approach to design Takagi–Sugeno observer-based FTC for non-linear systems affected by simultaneous time varying actuator and sensor faults
      Partially coupled gradient estimation algorithm for multivariable equation-error autoregressive moving average systems using the data filtering technique
      Input-to-state stability of contractive EMPC of non-linear systems with bounded disturbances
      Trade-offs on fault estimation via proportional multiple-integral and multiple-resonant observers for discrete-time systems
      Adaptive neural tracking control for a class of non-lower triangular non-linear systems with dead zone and unmodelled dynamics
      Data-based predictive control for networked non-linear multi-agent systems consensus tracking via cloud computing
      Corrective control of parallel interconnected asynchronous sequential machines with output feedback
      Finite-time filtering for Itô stochastic Markovian jump systems with distributed time-varying delays based on optimisation algorithm
      Coherent H control for linear quantum passive systems with model uncertainties

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