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Volume 13, Issue 4, 05 March 2019

Volume 13, Issue 4

05 March 2019

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    • Recursive performance ranking of Kalman filter with mismatched noise covariances
      Unilateral boundary control for a suspension cable system of a helicopter with horizontal motion
      Highly efficient parameter estimation algorithms for Hammerstein non-linear systems
      LMI relaxations for robust gain-scheduled control of uncertain linear parameter varying systems
      Robust containment control of heterogeneous non-linear multi-agent systems via power series approach
      Adaptive backstepping control for strict-feedback non-linear systems with input delay and disturbances
      Constrained robust model predicted control of discrete-time Markov jump linear systems
      Dynamic surface based tracking control of uncertain quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicles with multiple state variable constraints
      Adaptive output-feedback finite-time stabilisation of stochastic non-linear systems with application to a two-stage chemical reactor
      Distributed fault tolerant tracking control for large-scale multi-motor web-winding systems
      Fault recoverability analysis of interconnected systems
      Sliding mode control design for parametric uncertain stochastic systems with state delay using functional observer
      Disturbance observer based robust backstepping control design of flexible air-breathing hypersonic vehicle

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