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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 13, Issue 3, 12 February 2019

Volume 13, Issue 3

12 February 2019

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    • Leaderless output consensus of multi-agent systems with distinct relative degrees under switching directed topologies
      Non-fragile finite-time dissipative piecewise control for time-varying system with time-varying delay
      New approach to robust observer-based control of one-sided Lipschitz non-linear systems
      Weighted L 2 gain performance controller parameterisation of linear switching plants with average dwell time
      Input-to-state stability for non-linear switched stochastic delayed systems with asynchronous switching
      Kronecker weights for instability analysis of Markov jump linear systems
      Bayesian approach to identify Hammerstein–Wiener non-linear model in presence of noise and disturbance
      Distributed fault estimation design of interconnected systems with external disturbances
      Fault detection for vehicle active suspension systems in finite-frequency domain
      Exponential synchronisation of complex networks with delays and perturbations via impulsive and adaptive control
      Further study on local analysis of continuous-time T-S fuzzy models with bounded disturbances
      Closed-loop parameter identification of second-order non-linear systems: a distributional approach using delayed reference signals
      Augmented fixed-time observer-based continuous robust control for hypersonic vehicles with measurement noises
      Lag-bipartite consensus of linear multiagent systems under saturating input over signed graph
    • Signal-to-noise ratio constrained feedback control: discrete-time robust stability analysis
      Tuning of a time-delayed controller for a general class of second-order linear time invariant systems with dead-time

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