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Volume 13, Issue 17, 26 November 2019

Volume 13, Issue 17

26 November 2019

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    • Energy-efficient cooperative predictive control for multi-agent non-linear systems with transmission delay
      Distributedly solving network linear equations with event-based algorithms
      Bearing-only circumnavigation control of the multi-agent system around a moving target
      Distributed adaptive three-dimension formation control based on improved RBF neural network for non-linear multi-agent time-delay systems
      Robust consensus braking algorithm for distributed EMUs with uncertainties
      Adaptation in network control systems with hierarchical scheduling
      Distributed event-triggered state estimators design for sensor networked systems with deception attacks
      Finite-time distributed topology design for optimal network resilience
      Performing linear convergence for distributed constrained optimisation over time-varying directed unbalanced networks
      Distributed quadratic optimisation for linear multi-agent systems over jointly connected networks
      Distributed path optimisation of mobile sensor networks for AOA target localisation
      Relaxed hybrid consensus ADMM for distributed convex optimisation with coupling constraints
      Optimal distributed learning for disturbance rejection in networked non-linear games under unknown dynamics
      Predictive cruise control of connected and autonomous vehicles via reinforcement learning
      Joint localisation and tracking for autonomous underwater vehicle: a reinforcement learning-based approach
      Output feedback reinforcement learning based optimal output synchronisation of heterogeneous discrete-time multi-agent systems
      Asymptotical stability contouring control of dual-arm robot with holonomic constraints: modified distributed control framework
      Distributed multi-vehicle task assignment in a time-invariant drift field with obstacles
      Practical formation-containment tracking for multiple autonomous surface vessels system
      Design and implementation of aerial communication using directional antennas: learning control in unknown communication environments
      Distributed adaptive fractional-order fault-tolerant cooperative control of networked unmanned aerial vehicles via fuzzy neural networks
      Distributed load sharing and transmission power loss optimisation for DC microgrids
      Backwards square completion MPC solution for real-time economic dispatch in power networks
      Distributed model predictive based secondary control for economic production and frequency regulation of MG
      Network-based distributed direct load control guaranteeing fair welfare maximisation

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