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Volume 13, Issue 15, 15 October 2019

Volume 13, Issue 15

15 October 2019

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    • Stability radius formulation of L σ-gain in positive stabilisation of regular and time-delay systems
      Fault detection for fractional-order linear systems in finite frequency domains
      Gossip-based distributed hierarchical algorithm for multi-cluster constrained optimisation
      Second-order controllability of two-time-Scale discrete-time multi-agent systems
      Integrated fault estimation and fault tolerant attitude control for rigid spacecraft with multiple actuator faults and saturation
      Design of adaptive model predictive control for a class of uncertain non-linear dynamic systems: stability, convergence, and robustness analysis
      Applying unweighted least-squares based techniques to stochastic dynamic programming: theory and application
      Parallel demand side auction mechanism for dynamic and efficient resource allocation
      Distributed fault detection for non-linear multi-agent systems: an adjustable dimension observer design method
      Adaptive finite-time tracking control for time-varying output constrained non-linear systems with unmatched uncertainties
      Composite model reference adaptive sliding mode controller for automatic train operation
      Stabilisation of stochastic delay Markovian reaction-diffusion systems via boundary control
      Drazin inverse conditions for positivity and stability of switched descriptor systems
      Robust integral feedback control based on interval observer for stabilising parameter-varying systems

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