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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 13, Issue 13, 03 September 2019

Volume 13, Issue 13

03 September 2019

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    • Sliding mode control for uncertain discrete-time systems based on fractional order reaching law
      Small-gain theorem and finite-frequency analysis of TCP/AQM system with time varying delay
      H filtering for discrete-time 2D T–S fuzzy systems with finite frequency disturbances " > filtering for discrete-time 2D T–S fuzzy systems with finite frequency disturbances
      Robust disturbance rejection controller for systems with uncertain parameters
      Distributed integral control of multiple UAVs: precise flocking and navigation
      Equality-constrained state estimation for hybrid systems
      Optimal output anti-synchronisation of cooperative-competitive multi-agent systems via distributed observer
      Event-based network consensus with antagonistic interactions and communication delay
      Prediction-based sliding mode control of non-linear systems with input delay using disturbance observer
      Impulsive observer-based output control for PMSG-based Wind Energy Conversion System
      Necessary and sufficient conditions for containment control of heterogeneous linear multi-agent systems with fixed time delay
      Adaptive finite-time tracking control of 6DOF spacecraft motion with inertia parameter identification
      Multi-innovation gradient estimation algorithms for multivariate equation-error autoregressive moving average systems based on the filtering technique
      Robust fixed-time synchronisation of non-identical nodes in complex networks under input non-linearities
      Saturated fault tolerant control based on partially decoupled unknown-input observer: a new integrated design strategy
    • Generalised dissipative asynchronous output feedback control for Markov jump repeated scalar non-linear systems with time-varying delay
      Output feedback control of large-scale non-linear time-delay systems with unknown measurement sensitivities
      Improving control effort in output feedback sliding mode control of sampled-data systems
      New result on robust stability of switched systems with all subsystems unstable
      Improved event-triggered adaptive control of non-linear uncertain networked systems

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