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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 13, Issue 12, 13 August 2019

Volume 13, Issue 12

13 August 2019

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    • Adaptive non-singular fault-tolerant control for hypersonic vehicle with unexpected centroid shift
    • Distributed finite-time control for spatially interconnected systems
      H / H fault detection for switched systems with all subsystems unstable" > fault detection for switched systems with all subsystems unstable
      Approximate optimal estimation based on Kullback–Leibler divergence for lossy networks without acknowledgement
      On dissipativity-based filtering for discrete-time switched singular systems with sensor failures: a persistent dwell-time scheme
      Stabilisation of coupled delayed regime-switching diffusion with continuous-state-dependent switching via intermittent control
      Stochastic sampled-data controller for T–S fuzzy chaotic systems and its applications
      Optimal control of backward doubly stochastic system
      Positive L 1-filter design for continuous-time positive Markov jump linear systems: full-order and reduced-order
      Switched system approach to distributed guaranteed cost control for interconnected systems with communication unreliability
      LMI-based reset unknown input observer for state estimation of linear uncertain systems
      Model matching and fault-tolerant control of switched asynchronous sequential machines with transient faults
      Disturbance observer-based integral fuzzy sliding-mode control and its application to wind turbine system
      Unscented Kalman filtering for target tracking systems with packet dropout compensation
      H LFC for multi-area power systems under DoS attacks" >Detection-based weighted LFC for multi-area power systems under DoS attacks
      Simple saturated relay non-linear PD control for uncertain motion systems with friction and actuator constraint
      Adaptive neural network tracking control for switched uncertain non-linear systems with actuator failures and time-varying delays

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