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Volume 13, Issue 11, 23 July 2019

Volume 13, Issue 11

23 July 2019

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    • Robust deadlock avoidance control for AMSs with assembly operations embedded in flexible routes using Petri nets
      Global saturated velocity-free finite-time control for attitude tracking of spacecraft
      Consensus tracking control via iterative learning for singular multi-agent systems
      Enhanced predictor–corrector Mars entry guidance approach with atmospheric uncertainties
      H output-feedback consensus synthesis for linear multi-agent systems " >Convexified output-feedback consensus synthesis for linear multi-agent systems
      Unbiased inversion-based fault estimation of systems with non-minimum phase fault-to-output dynamics
      Minimal Laplacian controllability problems of threshold graphs
      Parameter estimation of Markov-switching Hammerstein systems using the variational Bayesian approach
      Robust filter design for asymmetric measurement noise using variational Bayesian inference
      Adaptive fault-tolerant control of mobile robots with actuator faults and unknown parameters
      Linear sliding variable-based sliding mode controller design of descriptor systems via output information
      Maximum likelihood gradient-based iterative estimation for multivariable systems
      Dynamic infinity-norm constrained control allocation for attitude tracking control of overactuated combined spacecraft
      Distributed zone MPC of pressure management for water distribution network systems
      Input-delay compensation in a robust adaptive control framework
      State bounding for positive coupled differential-difference equations with bounded disturbances
      Algebraic criteria for reachable set estimation of delayed memristive neural networks

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