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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 13, Issue 10, 02 July 2019

Volume 13, Issue 10

02 July 2019

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    • FO improved fast terminal sliding mode control method for permanent-magnet synchronous motor with FO disturbance observer
      Synchronous distributed receding horizon control for uncertain networked systems with time delays
      Stabilisability analysis and design of UDE-based robust control
      Robust dissipativity and dissipation of a class of fractional-order uncertain linear systems
      New approach to control the induction motors based on immersion and invariance technique
      Robustness-oriented distributed cooperative control for ac microgrids under complex environments
      Adaptive super-twisting sliding mode control of three-phase power rectifiers in active front end applications
      Constrained model predictive control for positive systems
      Extended state observer-based sliding mode fault-tolerant control for unmanned autonomous helicopter with wind gusts
      New double integral inequality with application to stability analysis for linear retarded systems
      Hyperbolic SVD-based Kalman filtering for Chandrasekhar recursion
      Event-triggered stabilisation for T–S fuzzy systems with asynchronous premise constraints and its application to wind turbine system
    • Stability under events for a class of hybrid dynamical systems with continuous and discrete time variables
      Distributed fault-tolerant model predictive control for intermittent faults
      Distributed energy-efficient target tracking algorithm based on event-triggered strategy for sensor networks
      Quasi-composite rotating formation control of second-order multi-agent systems

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