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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 13, Issue 1, 01 January 2019

Volume 13, Issue 1

01 January 2019

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    • Overview of recent advances in stability of linear systems with time-varying delays
    • Bounded-input prescribed performance control of uncertain Euler–Lagrange systems
      Event-based model predictive control of discrete-time non-linear systems with external disturbances
      Synchronisation of stochastic-coupled intermittent control systems with delays and Lévy noise on networks without strong connectedness
      Finite-time disturbance observer based integral sliding mode control for attitude stabilisation under actuator failure
      Vibration-energy-optimal trajectory planning for flexible servomotor systems with state constraints
      Robust global consensus tracking of linear multi-agent systems with input saturation via scheduled low-and-high gain feedback
      Almost surely attractive sets of discrete-time Markov jump systems with stochastic disturbances via impulsive control
      Stability analysis for a class of distributed delay systems with constant coefficients by using a frequency-sweeping approach
      Practical stochastic synchronisation of coupled harmonic oscillators subjected to heterogeneous noises and its applications to electrical systems
      Personalised lane keeping assist strategy: adaptation to driving style
      New criteria for mean square exponential stability of stochastic systems with variable and distributed delays
      Distributed finite-time tracking control for multiple uncertain Euler–Lagrange systems with input saturations and error constraints
      Robust observer synthesis for the uncertain large-scale T–S fuzzy system
    • Encrypted control system with quantiser
      Results on stability of switched discrete-time systems with all subsystems unstable

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