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Volume 12, Issue 7, 01 May 2018

Volume 12, Issue 7

01 May 2018

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    • Adaptive output stationary average consensus for heterogeneous unknown linear multi-agent systems
      Stationary wavelet transform aided design of parity space vectors for fault detection in LDTV systems
      Regularised estimation for ARMAX process with measurements subject to outliers
      Boundary vibration control for a flexible Timoshenko robotic manipulator
      Complete characterisation of disturbance estimation and fault detection for positive systems
      Iterative parameter identification for pseudo-linear systems with ARMA noise using the filtering technique
      Quantised stabilisation of continuous-time switched systems with time-delay
      Polynomial fuzzy model-based approach for underactuated surface vessels
      Sampled-data synchronisation for memristive neural networks with multiple time-varying delays via extended convex combination method
      Stochastic suppression and stabilisation of non-linear hybrid delay systems with general one-sided polynomial growth condition and decay rate
      Identification of Hammerstein systems with time delay under load disturbance
      Switching regulation based stabilisation of discrete-time 2D switched systems with stable and unstable modes
      Adaptive robust control of fractional-order swarm systems in the presence of model uncertainties and external disturbances

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