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Volume 12, Issue 4, 06 March 2018

Volume 12, Issue 4

06 March 2018

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    • Output regulation of anti-stable coupled wave equations via the backstepping technique
      Multiple models and neural networks based adaptive PID decoupling control of mine main fan switchover system
      Kalman filters for linear continuous-time fractional-order systems involving coloured noises using fractional-order average derivative
      On the practical estimation of unknown inputs for polytopic LTI systems
      Robust asymptotic stability of parametric switched linear systems with dwell time
      Adaptive output feedback tracking control for non-linear switched stochastic systems with unknown control directions
      MPC motion planning-based sliding mode control for underactuated WPS vehicle via Olfati transformation
      Networked and distributed predictive control of non-linear systems subject to asynchronous communication
      Secure filtering for stochastic non-linear systems under multiple missing measurements and deception attacks
      Fault-tolerant control of two-dimensional discrete-time systems
      Distributed finite-time output feedback synchronisation control for six DOF spacecraft formation subject to input saturation

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