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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 12, Issue 18, 18 December 2018

Volume 12, Issue 18

18 December 2018

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    • Self-triggered distributed model predictive control for flocking of multi-agent systems
      Single-network ADP for near optimal control of continuous-time zero-sum games without using initial stabilising control laws
      FxTDO-based non-singular terminal sliding mode control for second-order uncertain systems
      Multi-rate model predictive control algorithm for systems with fast-slow dynamics
      Improved frequency-domain design method for the fractional order proportional–integral–derivative controller optimal design: a case study of permanent magnet synchronous motor speed control
      Consensus of uncertain parabolic PDE agents via adaptive unit-vector control scheme
      Reduced-order non-linear generalised minimum variance control for quasi-linear parameter varying systems
      Mitigation of communication failures in distributed model predictive control strategies
      Adaptive estimation-based TILC for the finite-time consensus control of non-linear discrete-time MASs under directed graph
      Practical constrained dynamic positioning control for uncertain ship through the minimal learning parameter technique
      Necessary and sufficient characterisation for output synchronisation of linear heterogeneous agents using reflexive generalised inverses
      Static output feedback control design for constrained linear discrete-time systems using data cluster analysis
      Event-triggered state estimation for stochastic hybrid systems with missing measurements
      Functional interval observer for the linear systems with disturbances
    • Distributed Lyapunov-based model predictive control for collision avoidance of multi-agent formation
      Fixed-time stabilisation for a class of high-order non-linear systems
      Disturbance-observer-based antiswing control of underactuated crane systems via terminal sliding mode
      Recursive surface structure for fixed-time convergence with applications to power systems

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