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Volume 12, Issue 16, 06 November 2018

Volume 12, Issue 16

06 November 2018

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    • Resilient adaptive optimal control of distributed multi-agent systems using reinforcement learning
      Two-degree-of-freedom optimal consensus scheme of fractional-order multi-agent systems
      Bias compensation recursive algorithm for dual-rate rational models
      Approximation of optimal ergodic dividend strategies using controlled Markov chains
      Moore-Penrose-pseudo-inverse-based Kalman-like filtering methods for estimation of stiff continuous-discrete stochastic systems with ill-conditioned measurements
      Laplacian controllable graphs based on connecting two antiregular graphs
      H 2 / H control for discrete-time systems with input delay " >Mixed control for discrete-time systems with input delay
      WMF reduced-order robust estimators for multisensor descriptor systems
      pth moment consensus of multi-agent systems with relative state-dependent measurement noises and time delays
      Non-linear model-order reduction based on tensor decomposition and matrix product

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